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Found Objects: Family

Well, this bead is not my family. Actually we were only recently acquainted. This navy blue and plastic bead was found on the shelf one night at Trader Joe's. Nestled snugly between the iced tea and the pomegranate green tea I spotted it and rooted it out. When I looked closely, I saw it was a bead to a necklace or a big bracelet. Whatever it originally belonged it, it was now another found object to post on the blog. Since it immediately reminded me of my jewelry making wife, I thought the timing was perfect with her birthday right around the corner to post something a bit more profound than a found piece of a necklace.I don't often wear jewelry that that has beads on it like this. No, my jewelery is typically confined to an occasional necklace, my glasses, and my wedding ring. But speaking of my wedding ring, I already mentioned that this plastic trinket reminded me of my crafty wife. She is a diligent artist always working on sketches, jewelry, illustrations or invitations.…

Found Objects: Advertising Postcard

Heather recently decided we had too many unsent postcards. So we decided to send out some postcards once and a while to share the love with the friends and family we left behind in Connecticut. Well, this found object came from the parking lot of Trader Joe's. This parking lot is a great place to find some intriguing objects-as you may already see from my other found objects.
I decided this postcard was too funny to keep tucked away so I sent it to my brother, Derek. He got a kick out of it-even if he wasn't quite sure whether I was serious or joking about us taking belly dancing lessons together. I assured him I wasn't too interested in lessons, but if he ever did want to take belly dancing lessons-now we know where to go!

Found Objects: Cat Magnet

I found this little kitty while doing a 'cart run' at Trader Joe's. A'cart run' is just what it sounds like-running around the parking lotcollecting all the shopping carts you can find. Someone must havepurchased this furry guy in a nearby shop because when I found him hewas still in his package.

Though the colors are off, it reminded me of my childhood pet, Teddy Bear. He was our family cat for a little over 16 years when he died.When we had to put him to sleep, he was actually older than my younger brother. That is such a bizarre fact to remember,I know.

Anyway, he was a fun little pet. Not only was he fun to play with,but when I would wink at him with one eye, he would wink back with one eye. He was my little pal. Sometimes, when he thought I had slept enough, he would wake me with a paw between the eyes. In his younger days, he would run outside even though he was an inside cat. I would eventually find where he went, wait, and grab him to bring him back safely.


Found Objects: Wooden Block

Well, there isn't much to this little toy block. After a night of shopping, we found it outside of Trader Joe's last winter. Someone had placed it up on top of the trash can lid. At that time, with finals approaching, work being stressful, and time for school projects dwindling, being a kid again was very appealing.*

This block became a reminder to not become too stressed out with these little details. It also became a great addition to my selection of found objects!

*Speaking of wanting to be a kid again, around that same time, Heather surprised me for my birthday with a childhood-themed Birthday Adventure! Our activities included Chuck-E-Cheese for a morning of video games and the Boston Science Museum!

Found Objects: A (more personal) Biblical Perspective of Death

A month ago, the doctor's discovered that my grandfather, Dominic A. Baio, would face his fourth battle with cancer. However, unlike the first three battles, there was nothing they could do to remove it or delay its advance.

This was the closest death that I've had to face, and it certainly was a new experience. At many points, I wanted to stop everything and shout "This isn't right!" or even more dramatically, "Life isn't supposed to be like this!" Something inside of me was angered by this experience. There is an aroma to death that was extremely unpleasant. The weeping, the sobs, the whole process took me some time to figure out. But I think I have captured a large portion of my agitation about this situation.

I wasn't angry at God or at Papa or at anyone else. I was angry at death itself. Let me see if I can explain myself. The Bible tells us that God created everything and it was good. He created everything, plants, animals, planets, stars, a…

Found Objects: A Widget

I saw this little bearing contraption on campus and I knew I had to scoop it up and post about another treasured 'Found Object!' What is a widget anyway?

When I was a young lad, I would take things apart and try to get them back together. My tools were limited to a screwdriver (the flat one and the plus sign one) and pliers. When I was in fourth grade, I made a machine family out of coffee cans, lots of electrical tape, wires from things I took apart (and probably couldn't get back together) and as many screws as I could find. Inevitably, I would stab my leg or arm with the screwdriver or pinch my finger leading to frustration. But despite those painful moments, I loved to discover and figure things out.

Suffice it to say, it didn't surprise my family when I decided to go to college for Physics. Many classes were devoted to calculating velocity, work, energy, wave-functions, positions, etc. The young Modernist in me was devoted to defining and developing our understandin…

Found Objects: Blessing Card

Well, with my second reading week of the semester passing, I turn the corner with finals in view. Seminary is quite a unique time in our live. Working, studying, reading and translating are just some of the many activities that are training us for the future.

With these realities as my foundation, I think about this little found Scripture card. This card (Front and back are pictured above) turned up in a book we grabbed from the Give and Take. Click on the cards and take a moment to reflect on these verses. It's good to slow down sometimes and appreciate the truths of the Bible. They are good reminders from the book of Ecclesiastes.

My preliminary conclusion:
There is a time for everything in our lives, and our current time is one that requires hard work!

Found Objects: Red Couch

This sanguine sofa somehow made its way to the dumpster last summer. It was a weekend that Heather was in Connecticut for the weekend for some commitments. Since we had found a perfectly colored red shelf for our studio earlier in the month, I thought this could be another diamond. Time is of the essence in these moments. (Even if I have to throw on some clothes, I wanted to get down there and take a closer look!)I've become quite a collector of used treasures since Heather has opened my eyes to their character. Since arriving on campus, my eyes have been open for useful little objects or discarded objects that could prove perfect for the right couple. Well, I have a great view of the dumpster from our living room window. Since I need to take reading breaks by starring off into space (lest I slip into a coma while reading) I tend to scan this section of the parking lot carefully. The campus security has taken action against people leaving too many things here because that could bl…

Meatless March

With Spring right around the corner, Heather and I thought we would challenge ourselves to be more healthy. When she was younger Heather and her sister, Mandi, ate vegetarian for a whole year. They both enjoyed it and found it a wonderful experience. So in brainstorming ways we could challenge ourselves to be healthy we thought about going without animal meat for the month of March! Now that my birthday is past and we wont be eating out as much, we thought it a good time to focus on cooking new meals and seeing how we can eliminate animals from our diets. We don't eat meat too often anyway, so I agreed to this new lifestyle thinking it would be an easy switch. Since I work at Trader Joe's, I will be on the look out for all sorts of good food with this little leafy logo on it. I'm excited to see how it goes!

Found Objects: Evidence...

This is a follow-up on a "Found Objects" post a few months ago.

Apparently, my mom had a piece of evidence (as I will call it) that I was quite a troublemaker when it came to passing the time anywhere near a copy machine. I'm not sure why the mechanics and production of this machine would intrigue me so.
"How could this machine make an exact image of my hands?" is the thought that must have passed through my analytical mind.

It's fun to see these two posts link up. It brings a happy moment from the past and the present together. I know it says something about me. Somehow these two occurrences describe something about me, though I'm not sure what.

Found Objects: Animal Toys

Heather and I found these along a beach in Rockport one Sunday afternoon. We made the trip there one Sunday to visit a church in Gloucester and passed through Rockport because we were either lost or we stopped for lunch. I can't remember. But one thing I am sure of is that the beach we found had the largest supply of sea glass we have ever found! There was so much of it we had a hard time holding onto all of it. That was such a windy day too. The waves were pounding the beach, the wind was messing up our hair and spraying us with a mixture of sea water and sand. Boy, did we have fun!

The glass we picked up was smaller per piece than at any other beach we have visited. The treasures we found varied so much, they weren't limited to just glass pieces. We also found a guitar pick, some army men, a dolphin, a walrus and a pig.

Can you imagine these animals living together?
They are such a positive example of a cross cultural community.
We have much to learn from these little friends.


Found Objects: House for President!

I don't quite remember where Heather found this website, but I had to post this picture on a blog with a recent obsession with found objects. For a recent gallery, check out:
It is a bit of presidential fun with a spoof on the Obama stickers. They take your pictures and create the image and words in a similar color scheme.

And Heather, being the thoughtful wife that she is, emailed me this hilarious photo. She is well aware of my ongoing obsession with House.

Gregory House, M.D., is a diagnostician faced with a mysterious medical dilemma every week. His philosophy "Everybody lies" and his dry, witty comments are very funny. Every week (or so it seems) on the list of medical problems is Lupus. But every week House says his one liner that has become a bit of comic relief..."It's not Lupus!"

So with all this in mind, my write-in vote for the last presidential election was Gregory House.

Found Objects: Thank You Card

This was in a book I picked up at the Give and Take. The Give and Take is a free version of the Goodwill Store. You can bring things in for others to use and you can browse and find treasures you can give new life to. I have a few thoughts about this card, youth culture, and gift giving, but I will hold them back. Here, I choose to let this sweet and innocent Found Object speak for itself.

Found Objects: Fortune

I rescued this little fortune one day while working at Trader Joe's. It was resting on the window sill and just waiting for me as I swept up the area around the registers. It didn't surprise me that there was a fortune lying around seeing that Trader Joe's is two doors down from a Chinese food restaurant. I just had to smile when I thought that this fortune was left in a grocery store and it taught the verb 'To Eat.'

"A day is a span of time no one is wealthy enough to waste" is an appropriate fortune for me. When I'm not a busy bee, I have to force myself to relax. But when I don't force myself to relax, and there is nothing on the agenda, I often have this purposeless feeling. That feeling that seeps into my thoughts often tells me I'm productive only when I'm doing something. When i'm working, reading, blogging, etc. I do just fine, but when I slow down and don't make the choice to relax I tend to get stressed out or sad because …

Books of 2008

I love learning and I love reading. So last year, Heather and I were throwing around some ideas of New Year's Resolutions. I thought a resolution centered around reading more was right up my alley. Then I settled on pushing myself to read a book per month in 2008. It seemed like great timing, with us going off to Seminary mid-year. It was hard to balance Bible reading with other reading but overall I am glad I challenged myself. I even included all the books I had to read (in their entirety) for classes. Here are the books of 2008!
Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance, Donald Miller
Mission in the Old Testament, Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
The Neurotics Guide to God & Love, Dr. Lance Moore
A Contrarian's Guide to Knowing God: Spirituality for the Rest of Us, Larry Osborne
Revolution in World Missions, K.P. Yohannan
Man In White, Johnny Cash
No More Christian Nice Guy, Paul Coughlin
The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown
The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers, Josh McDowell
The Psychiatric St…