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Found Objects: April Fools

If we haven't had a chance to talk in person about it yet, this Mini Cooper Post was an April Fools Joke. Throughout the month of April I tried to find a photo of the real Trader Joe's Mini Cooper, but to no avail. I promise, a Mini Cooper with a big ol'Trader Joe's logo does exist. There was a photo of that car when it was at the Topsfield Fair in my store when I began working there pinned to a board with other photos. At some point it was taken off the break room cork board and then somehow disappeared. With the disappearing picture disappeared my chances of adequately tying up the loose ends of my April Fools post.
That emblem was a real found object though. One late and rainy night after work I came across it in the parking lot. I was pretty excited about finding it because I was thinking of all the cool posts I could write about it. I even began to talk about this blog to a friend and all my ideas for topics I could write about. But the joke post won me over becaus…

"Found" Object - Motorcycle Accident

I was the chaplain on call for the evening. One of my last few shifts at the hospital. I finished up a rather uneventful Sunday night and slowly meandered to my car. As I approached the street, I heard a motorcycle engine rev up but then crash. I ran to see the crash and quickly called 911. I somehow did not know the street name but we were. We were literally yards from the hospital emergency room so it was pretty easy to explain where the crash occurred. The ambulance had to travel farther than I would have walked to get him there.
The motorcycle driver had revved his engine, but when he drove over the manhole cover he lost traction and tumbled. He had fallen and crashed his bike, lost a shoe, and was scraped up. I was glad for him that he was wearing a helmet. A nurse was also walking to her car at the same time. The two of us were the first responders. I was grateful she was the one to check him and see if he had any neck injuries. We were also interviewed for the Salem News befor…

Found Objects: Mini Cooper

As some of you may be aware, I've been working at Trader Joe's for almost two years now. It's been such a great experience so far and I've appreciated everyone I have worked with. The company is so good to us in many ways. One such way is that they purchased a Mini Cooper with a Trader Joe's logo on the side of it that they use to advertise at fairs and events. While not in use for those business-type events, they let the employees of the highest grossing store in the region use the car. It's a pretty sweet thing. I have heard it can be reserved for weekends, and all share the use.

Well, we aren't the highest grossing store in the region, but our manager, Erik, spoke with the managers in the Cambridge store, and they agreed to let our store have a month with the car. Since there are so many employees, we had to split the days and have a lottery to see who would get to use the car. I was one of the 15 employees who got to use the car over the month of March…