Found Objects: Red Couch

This sanguine sofa somehow made its way to the dumpster last summer. It was a weekend that Heather was in Connecticut for the weekend for some commitments. Since we had found a perfectly colored red shelf for our studio earlier in the month, I thought this could be another diamond. Time is of the essence in these moments. (Even if I have to throw on some clothes, I wanted to get down there and take a closer look!)

I've become quite a collector of used treasures since Heather has opened my eyes to their character. Since arriving on campus, my eyes have been open for useful little objects or discarded objects that could prove perfect for the right couple. Well, I have a great view of the dumpster from our living room window. Since I need to take reading breaks by starring off into space (lest I slip into a coma while reading) I tend to scan this section of the parking lot carefully. The campus security has taken action against people leaving too many things here because that could blow around and cause trouble in our frequent wind storms. You will even see a printed sign taped onto the No Parking sign that says something to the effect of "No Dumping Here."

My cell phone quickly recorded this image and I sent it off to Heather in CT. Where I hoped for hidden treasures, Heather sobered me with the realizations: A) We don't need a couch, B) If we did need a couch we would get one with style, and C) 1973 called and they want their couch back!

OK, she was right. I was blinded by the free-ness of the couch and I didn't see the down sides. Besides all the bad attributes of the aforementioned couch, I didn't know many people in the building and I wouldn't have had help getting it upstairs. All these minor details aside, we didn't take advantage of this couch. Walking up to class the next morning, I passed this red velvet sofa with alternating wavy lines. I used the rest of my walk up to class to thank God for a wise wife.


How very sweet indeed. I, similarly, thank God for a wise husband. And a husband with good taste. We could've made that couch work if we needed to. A little creativity can work wonders with any color or piece of furniture.