Monday, June 28, 2010

Bold Coffee: Sumatra

Week #8: Sumatra

Earthy and unpredictable – our most popular single-origin coffee.

This is the most likely coffee our baristas will choose when it’s time for them to sit back and relax. It has a full body with virtually no acidity, so the coffee’s intensity and flavor simply lingers on your tongue. When you feel like taking a bolder path the concentrated herbal notes and earthy aroma of Sumatra won’t let you down.

Well, this time of the semester the papers are in, verses have been memorized, tests have been taken, and all that remains is to finish up assigned reading. And boy, oh boy, is there a lot of reading! What could be better to help you read through a huge book than coffee with a tiger on it? Not a thing could be better!

Don't get me wrong- I love to read. This is one (of many) areas in which GCTS has pushed me academically. In reading more pages than ever before I have grown to read faster. In writing so many papers I have been forced to learn how to write a paper so that it makes sense and has proper grammar. I also have been forced to face the facts that I'm not that great of a writer and have much to learn. One specific tendency I have had to weed out is my tendency to include non sequiturs. A non sequitur is a conclusion that is drawn but is unrelated to the facts given. Thus, because I have much room to grow in my writing skills white tigers are mostly found in Asia. But reading so many books has helped me refine my paper writing ability. My dilemma through my GCTS career is that it's hard to enjoy so many books and digest them quickly when the end of the semester approaches and deadlines are ready to pounce-much like the white Asian tiger.

My hope is that after seminary I will be able to continue growing and learning and reading. I want to maintain a structure of continuing education. I have so much I want to read now and so much I want to learn-but you can only do so much in your time on God's green earth.

Some post-seminary goals include relearning my high school spanish, keeping up on my Greek and Hebrew abilities, reading the Harry Potter series, and reading recently published theology books. But all goals aside, white Asian tigers make really good coffee!

5 out of 5 refills

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bold Coffee: Gold Coast

Week #7 Gold Coast Blend

This is our biggest, boldest blend – a coffee with "big shoulders".

The source of Gold Coast Blend's bigness is a secret recipe of Latin America, Asia/Pacific and dark roast coffees. Created to celebrate the big city of Chicago, the interplay of these very different coffees weaves a deep and densely rich, sophisticated taste. A style all it's own, this coffee is truly one in a million.

I like knowing Starbucks is human too. By my account, that tag line has a typo at the end-"big shoulders". I may need to review my punctuation rules regarding quotes and punctuation inside or outside the end quote, but for now I am comforted to know that nobody-even Starbucks-is perfect.

Well, with my spring finals coming up, I needed a strong coffee! This one was definitely strong enough to keep me studying. I needed some caffeine to keep my eyes on the prize. But the prize this year was a few papers, two finals, and a bunch of reading. I had this coffee during my week of exams and deadlines. The most notable of which was my Sexual and Bioethics class, taught by the president of the seminary.

This is one incident that deserves a blogging report and it occurred during my Sexual and Bioethics final exam. After I was done with the multiple choice and onto the essay, the lights in the lecture hall flickered. Fifty or sixty students sitting in a lecture hall that could hold two hundred were sitting for a final exam with less than an hour to go. All of a sudden the power goes out and everyone just stayed silent. Of course I had to laugh because it was just so silly and a few others joined with comments of their own about how hilarious the timing was. I was able to fire up my back lit keyboard for my laptop and polish up my essay (but I felt bad for anyone who had a laptop without batteries and were just plugged in-they would have lost a bunch of their essays). The teacher and the teacher's assistant figured out how to handle the situation while campus security came by to tell us the power outage was from the town and ought to come back soon. The power did come back on before the end of the exam period and we all had a good laugh. Besides for the exam, I was glad the power came back because it enabled Heather to finish baking some celebration brownies (though unbeknownst to me at the time of the exam). Though it has nothing to do with the Gold Coast Blend (except chronology), this story will stick in my mind as a fun seminary memory.

3 out of 5 refills

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bold Coffee: Café Estima

Week #6: Café Estima

Full of rich bodied flavor and great respect for the farmers who grew it.

Café Estima is 100% Fair Trade Certified coffee. Its name means "respect", and its goal is to do good things for the farmers growing it. This is a full-bodied, well-balanced coffee with great versatility. From Latin America and East Africa, this coffee shows just how delicious it can be to turn beliefs into action.

This was a really good coffee. I had one early in the week to get me through a little Hebrew studies. Haha get it, He Brews! I had another one on Tax Day. They offered a free coffee in celebration of Earth Day (or maybe it was Tax Day-I wasn’t really sure). But if you brought in your own reusable travel mug, you would get a free coffee. So I broke out my Christmas-themed Starbucks travel mug that my parents got me three or four years ago for Christmas and I headed over there! I got a free coffee on my way to Trader Joe's. It was really yummy and a good way to start off the work day with a jolt of caffine. It was a good day.

4 out of 5 refills

Monday, June 07, 2010

Bold Coffee: Caffè Verona

Week # 5: Caffè Verona

If Cupid used coffee instead of arrows, this would be his weapon of choice.

Caffè Verona is a seductive blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia, with a gentle touch of Italian Roast lending depth, soul and sweetness. Because this delectable combination pairs so very well with chocolate, it has become a Valentine's Day favorite. For all those who want to love like they mean it, you've found your match.

Well, as soon as Starbucks invokes the name of Cupid, you expect to develop a crush on your next coffee. I expected this affectionate little brew to warm me up as I stressed over my paper. My paper was a Christian response to Euthanasia and there is nothing that gets you through a paper as tough as this one better than a pipping hot cup-o-Cupid's brew. Well, though I wasn't enchanted with this Joe, it was a good coffee, don't misunderstand me. Let's just say I wasn't head over heels in love. Also, my wife isn't a connoisseur of coffee, so I'd probably get a punch in the stomach if I tried to serve this with chocolate on Valentine's Day.

It was a regular old bold coffee. Nothing to write home about... Not that I typically write home when I discover a good coffee. It's just that I wouldn't write about this one if I was going to write home. It would bore my parents if these were the kinds of letters they received from me. Anyway, long story short, if it was a-brewing next time I came in I'd be happy with a cup. But I wouldn't be disappointed if it was something else.

3 out of 5 Refills