Found Objects: Cat Magnet

I found this little kitty while doing a 'cart run' at Trader Joe's. A'cart run' is just what it sounds like-running around the parking lotcollecting all the shopping carts you can find. Someone must havepurchased this furry guy in a nearby shop because when I found him hewas still in his package.

Though the colors are off, it reminded me of my childhood pet, Teddy Bear. He was our family cat for a little over 16 years when he died.When we had to put him to sleep, he was actually older than my younger brother. That is such a bizarre fact to remember,I know.

Anyway, he was a fun little pet. Not only was he fun to play with,but when I would wink at him with one eye, he would wink back with one eye. He was my little pal. Sometimes, when he thought I had slept enough, he would wake me with a paw between the eyes. In his younger days, he would run outside even though he was an inside cat. I would eventually find where he went, wait, and grab him to bring him back safely.

Since he has been gone, my cat allergies have come back tenfold. My wife has strong allergies to little kittens as well. So, I doubt any kittens are in our future. Still, during a cold evening 'cart run,' I had fun thoughts to keep me warm as I remembered my cat, Teddy Bear.


jenn warriner said…
dan whats too funny is i have that magnet..... wow. :) cuz looks like pootie!