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Books of 2016

Here are the books of 2016! Are you excited? Obviously, I am excited!
This year, I began listening to books that I have wanted to read. Some I have been able to give away once I read them or listened to them. This is great, I'm very reluctant to giving away books. You should just know this about me. I'm a book hoarder, there I said it. But yet, I do love sharing my books.
Break out books of the year include: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Scazerro walks you through a great approach to our spiritual lives. Really worth a second read. John Piper's books really caught my eye this year, too. Especially significant was his book, Don’t Waste Your Cancer. I finally got to read, Knowing God. I've only been meaning to read that book for....say ten years now. Great book. And I also loved Packer's Weakness is the Way. Anyway, without further ado, here are my books of the year 2016.

Books of 2016  Culture Shock, Chip Ingram
The Reason for God, Timothy Keller Emotionally Healt…

Preaching in Philippians

Preaching is a mysterious and wonderful honor. I had another opportunity to preach at our church. I have really enjoyed these experiences and am grateful my pastor has expressed his willingness to share the pulpit with me. Or should I say, he trusts me to fill the pulpit.

Anyway, it's a sacred thing I take seriously. I have read through Philippians many times to get the texture of this letter. I was also greatly shaped by the D. A. Carson book, A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers. I read it over the summer and really got to mull it over while on vacation. Carson goes very deep into Paul's prayers throughout the New Testament. He draws both micro and macro themes from his prayers and details the encouragements from Paul's prayers for those receiving his letters. It's a great book and I feel like one read through and I only absorbed half of it. It's one I'll be going back to again to seem what other gems I can find.

If you are …