Found Objects: Family

Well, this bead is not my family. Actually we were only recently acquainted. This navy blue and plastic bead was found on the shelf one night at Trader Joe's. Nestled snugly between the iced tea and the pomegranate green tea I spotted it and rooted it out. When I looked closely, I saw it was a bead to a necklace or a big bracelet. Whatever it originally belonged it, it was now another found object to post on the blog. Since it immediately reminded me of my jewelry making wife, I thought the timing was perfect with her birthday right around the corner to post something a bit more profound than a found piece of a necklace.

I don't often wear jewelry that that has beads on it like this. No, my jewelery is typically confined to an occasional necklace, my glasses, and my wedding ring. But speaking of my wedding ring, I already mentioned that this plastic trinket reminded me of my crafty wife. She is a diligent artist always working on sketches, jewelry, illustrations or invitations. So, on the occasion of her birthday, I thought I might use this specific Found Object as a tribute to my lovely wife, Heather.

We met at the Bible study I was leading at church. When people ask what we first thought when we saw each other I laugh and say "I can't marry her-she's taller than me!" Why did I think this? I don't really know. It wasn't a habitual pattern I had of rating women as to their marriageability on first sight. But there it is...

Anyway, as soon as we started dating I knew something about this lady was different and I had to scoop this little treasure right up - before she realized what a kook I was!

She inspires me to be imaginative and creative- two things I struggle with.

Speaking of creativity-I love her surprise notes! She always tries so hard to make me feel special. For which I'm grateful.

I love being able to call her any nickname I can think of (even if it is odd) and she thinks it's cute.

She has such a great memory and I really admire that characteristic.

She makes me laugh so much. We have lots of fun together. She even laughs at the same jokes that I tell over and over and over...

I love our deep conversations. Because I value her opinion, I always feel more comfortable getting her opinion on things (big or small) because I know she thinks of things I forget about.

She keeps growing. She inspires me to keep growing. In loving God and loving people. Her strength is seen in other areas of growth...ethically, emotionally, financially, faithfulness (to me, to her jobs, to her friends), trusting, in her desire to serve others, organizationally, spiritually, creatively, blog-a-tive-ly...

I love traveling with her and exploring new locations and look forward to many years of exploring the wonderful creation God made. (With a stop at every beach along the way!)

Because I think she is such a wonderful lady, she makes me want to be a better man-in all areas of life-big and small.


I think she will make a terrific mother someday and I hope I can keep up with her mothering skills.

She is more humble than me and that makes me jealous.

Her ability to teach "creativity" is superior to any art teacher I experienced while growing up.

I love her courage and her desire to take risks.

I love being with her and miss her when I go to work. We look forward to sharing stories from our nights before we say goodnight.

I'm so thankful for her and her desire to do marriage the right way. I appreciate all her hard work towards making us a stronger family (and I am eager to add some little ones to this family).

Proverbs 18:22 says it this way, "A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD." I am very blessed to have married this woman.

She is my favorite friend and my best friend.

Happy Birthday, Heather!

I love YOU!


Mandi said…
dan, i cant believe i just disovered this post! i got tears in my eyes reading it. you're a wonderful husband! (and brother-in-law) :)