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Always Thinking, Who?

What's in a name, anyway? Especially for a blog. How do you name a blog? Well, I am a thinker. I enjoy letting my thoughts roll over situations, ideas, plans, conversations. I would be deep in thought and my wife would check in with me. Sometimes she would rub my temples and look in my eyes and  say, "You're such a thinker." Thus, it became a nickname for me, so to speak.

And then I went shopping. Not intentionally, but more accidentally. But when you find a shirt that reminds you of an inside joke- you buy it!. I bought a shirt that would become a very comfortable and well worn part of my wardrobe. It was blue (and a significant number of my t-shirts and blue) and on the front it said, "Always Thinking." Or so I thought that was what it said. My wife thought this was a cute connection-as did I.

One day I wore it at a family dinner and my brother pointed out, in that way only a brother can, that the final letter of the shirt was, in fact, a 9. The shirt ba…