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a real letter I really sent

The following are excerpts from a letter I sent to a dear friend on his first wedding anniversary:

You may find it strange that I decided to send you a ‘Happy Birthday’ card rather than the traditional ‘Happy Anniversary’ card. But allow me to explain.
Three hundred, sixty five and one quarter days ago the two of you- [JM] and [JA] were joined together before God. Genesis 2:24 gives us reasoning:
"…and they shall become one flesh."

Though I don’t quite understand the process, I must confess that it is a God idea and worth our contemplation.
But this would lead any good physics student to wonder if God follows the laws of conservation of energy and mass. Since we don’t know this vital information, from here on out we will be purely speculative. If we assume God follows the conservation of mass and energy then we are led to believe that He will take the individual spirits and bring them together to form something twice as large as original. This idea is illustrated by sewing two pi…
Portrait of a Sunday
I went to Church at First Church. I introduced my good friend Jon to my girlfriend. It was a great sermon. I went to Scott and Erica’s to chat about jobs with Scott while Erica and Heather talked in the house. We went to Middletown for beads, and here is the interesting story... We walked around and went to Javapalooza. After deciding on our drinks, which t ook a long time because the menu is a bit different, I walked over to the pick up while Heath went to get straws. An older man, say late 30's, looked at me for a few seconds and as I made eye contact asked me “So, are you a doctor?” You see, I was wearing my Dr. Pepper T-shirt. I made a few friendly comments, one of which was "I'm not a doctor" and another was a question if he was. He said he was a photographer. Heather scooted up to me and tucked in to make sure he could see her. He didn't even look at her but instead focused squarely on me. I remarked on how Heather is an artist and I'…