Found Objects: Animal Toys

Heather and I found these along a beach in Rockport one Sunday afternoon. We made the trip there one Sunday to visit a church in Gloucester and passed through Rockport because we were either lost or we stopped for lunch. I can't remember. But one thing I am sure of is that the beach we found had the largest supply of sea glass we have ever found! There was so much of it we had a hard time holding onto all of it. That was such a windy day too. The waves were pounding the beach, the wind was messing up our hair and spraying us with a mixture of sea water and sand. Boy, did we have fun!

The glass we picked up was smaller per piece than at any other beach we have visited. The treasures we found varied so much, they weren't limited to just glass pieces. We also found a guitar pick, some army men, a dolphin, a walrus and a pig.

Can you imagine these animals living together?
They are such a positive example of a cross cultural community.
We have much to learn from these little friends.

As a side thought: the piggy is one that fits into a Croc,
so if anyone is interested in taking it and add it as a Croc accessory, please let me know!


Why haven't we discovered yet that we cannot step foot onto a beach without a bag of some sort to carry all our treasures? Silly Heather and Dan. When will you ever learn?