Found Objects: Blessing Card

Well, with my second reading week of the semester passing, I turn the corner with finals in view. Seminary is quite a unique time in our live. Working, studying, reading and translating are just some of the many activities that are training us for the future.

With these realities as my foundation, I think about this little found Scripture card. This card (Front and back are pictured above) turned up in a book we grabbed from the Give and Take. Click on the cards and take a moment to reflect on these verses. It's good to slow down sometimes and appreciate the truths of the Bible. They are good reminders from the book of Ecclesiastes.

My preliminary conclusion:
There is a time for everything in our lives, and our current time is one that requires hard work!


"...a time to search and a time to give up..." Interesting. I never noticed that part before, even though these are such common verses. Perhaps I am always searching...