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Rose Colored Glasses

Perhaps you've seen this video. William, now turning 66 years old, has a condition of color blindness. There are many types of color blindness which distort the colors of the world around them. In the description of this video, they describe his colorblindness as causing him to only see in black and white. Well, for his birthday present, family members chipped in and purchased him a special pair of sunglasses. A quick search showed these glasses could be around 500 beans! These glasses are called Enchroma glasses. They somehow adjust the light entering his eyes. So when William wears the glasses, his eyes can somehow perceive the adjusted light and this enables him to see colors. This video is the moment where he received those glasses an he was able to see colors in the world for the first time. Feel free to check out that video now. It's fine, I'll wait. I'll be right here when you return.
Welcome back, sport. I'm glad …