Meatless March

With Spring right around the corner, Heather and I thought we would challenge ourselves to be more healthy. When she was younger Heather and her sister, Mandi, ate vegetarian for a whole year. They both enjoyed it and found it a wonderful experience. So in brainstorming ways we could challenge ourselves to be healthy we thought about going without animal meat for the month of March! Now that my birthday is past and we wont be eating out as much, we thought it a good time to focus on cooking new meals and seeing how we can eliminate animals from our diets. We don't eat meat too often anyway, so I agreed to this new lifestyle thinking it would be an easy switch. Since I work at Trader Joe's, I will be on the look out for all sorts of good food with this little leafy logo on it. I'm excited to see how it goes!


Hooray for veggies! I think that the lima bean loaf (as crazy as it sounds) was the best find of the vegetarian month. Roasted vegetables too....but that discovery actually happened prior to Meatless March. So, I suppose that doesn't really count as a new discovery. Nevertheless it was a great one.