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Found Object - Coffee Card

Long lost coffee tends to hit a soft spot in my heart. For a while, I was without the use of my Keurig Platinum B70! I know, no coffee! Scary, eh? Turns out it just had a plug from all our hard water. 
I did find some great descaling instructions from Here's a link just in case you find yourself in this same predicament:
How To Clean Your Keurig!
I found this fun card in the aisles of Trader Joe's. A tinkle of sadness filled my heart to think someone was not going to be able to capitalze on a free coffee. Two punches on a card like this is a big deal. They were two coffees closer to a freebie. So I hope the one who lost this card will be able to manage. I know I'd have a tear in my eye at the prospect of free coffee lost!