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Found Objects: Family

Well, this bead is not my family. Actually we were only recently acquainted. This navy blue and plastic bead was found on the shelf one night at Trader Joe's. Nestled snugly between the iced tea and the pomegranate green tea I spotted it and rooted it out. When I looked closely, I saw it was a bead to a necklace or a big bracelet. Whatever it originally belonged it, it was now another found object to post on the blog. Since it immediately reminded me of my jewelry making wife, I thought the timing was perfect with her birthday right around the corner to post something a bit more profound than a found piece of a necklace.I don't often wear jewelry that that has beads on it like this. No, my jewelery is typically confined to an occasional necklace, my glasses, and my wedding ring. But speaking of my wedding ring, I already mentioned that this plastic trinket reminded me of my crafty wife. She is a diligent artist always working on sketches, jewelry, illustrations or invitations.…

Found Objects: Advertising Postcard

Heather recently decided we had too many unsent postcards. So we decided to send out some postcards once and a while to share the love with the friends and family we left behind in Connecticut. Well, this found object came from the parking lot of Trader Joe's. This parking lot is a great place to find some intriguing objects-as you may already see from my other found objects.
I decided this postcard was too funny to keep tucked away so I sent it to my brother, Derek. He got a kick out of it-even if he wasn't quite sure whether I was serious or joking about us taking belly dancing lessons together. I assured him I wasn't too interested in lessons, but if he ever did want to take belly dancing lessons-now we know where to go!