Bold Coffee: Sumatra

Week #8: Sumatra

Earthy and unpredictable – our most popular single-origin coffee.

This is the most likely coffee our baristas will choose when it’s time for them to sit back and relax. It has a full body with virtually no acidity, so the coffee’s intensity and flavor simply lingers on your tongue. When you feel like taking a bolder path the concentrated herbal notes and earthy aroma of Sumatra won’t let you down.

Well, this time of the semester the papers are in, verses have been memorized, tests have been taken, and all that remains is to finish up assigned reading. And boy, oh boy, is there a lot of reading! What could be better to help you read through a huge book than coffee with a tiger on it? Not a thing could be better!

Don't get me wrong- I love to read. This is one (of many) areas in which GCTS has pushed me academically. In reading more pages than ever before I have grown to read faster. In writing so many papers I have been forced to learn how to write a paper so that it makes sense and has proper grammar. I also have been forced to face the facts that I'm not that great of a writer and have much to learn. One specific tendency I have had to weed out is my tendency to include non sequiturs. A non sequitur is a conclusion that is drawn but is unrelated to the facts given. Thus, because I have much room to grow in my writing skills white tigers are mostly found in Asia. But reading so many books has helped me refine my paper writing ability. My dilemma through my GCTS career is that it's hard to enjoy so many books and digest them quickly when the end of the semester approaches and deadlines are ready to pounce-much like the white Asian tiger.

My hope is that after seminary I will be able to continue growing and learning and reading. I want to maintain a structure of continuing education. I have so much I want to read now and so much I want to learn-but you can only do so much in your time on God's green earth.

Some post-seminary goals include relearning my high school spanish, keeping up on my Greek and Hebrew abilities, reading the Harry Potter series, and reading recently published theology books. But all goals aside, white Asian tigers make really good coffee!

5 out of 5 refills


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you always make me laugh!