Bold Coffee: Caffè Verona

Week # 5: Caffè Verona

If Cupid used coffee instead of arrows, this would be his weapon of choice.

Caffè Verona is a seductive blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia, with a gentle touch of Italian Roast lending depth, soul and sweetness. Because this delectable combination pairs so very well with chocolate, it has become a Valentine's Day favorite. For all those who want to love like they mean it, you've found your match.

Well, as soon as Starbucks invokes the name of Cupid, you expect to develop a crush on your next coffee. I expected this affectionate little brew to warm me up as I stressed over my paper. My paper was a Christian response to Euthanasia and there is nothing that gets you through a paper as tough as this one better than a pipping hot cup-o-Cupid's brew. Well, though I wasn't enchanted with this Joe, it was a good coffee, don't misunderstand me. Let's just say I wasn't head over heels in love. Also, my wife isn't a connoisseur of coffee, so I'd probably get a punch in the stomach if I tried to serve this with chocolate on Valentine's Day.

It was a regular old bold coffee. Nothing to write home about... Not that I typically write home when I discover a good coffee. It's just that I wouldn't write about this one if I was going to write home. It would bore my parents if these were the kinds of letters they received from me. Anyway, long story short, if it was a-brewing next time I came in I'd be happy with a cup. But I wouldn't be disappointed if it was something else.

3 out of 5 Refills


Heather said…
Lest I get a name as a husband-abuser here, let me just say that no stomach punches would take place if you served me coffee. I'd just think that you had lasped into some sort of amnesiatic state. Which would bring confusion and concern, but no violence. I'm a peace-lover, Daniel Dan. :)