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Found Objects: Blessing Card

Well, with my second reading week of the semester passing, I turn the corner with finals in view. Seminary is quite a unique time in our live. Working, studying, reading and translating are just some of the many activities that are training us for the future.

With these realities as my foundation, I think about this little found Scripture card. This card (Front and back are pictured above) turned up in a book we grabbed from the Give and Take. Click on the cards and take a moment to reflect on these verses. It's good to slow down sometimes and appreciate the truths of the Bible. They are good reminders from the book of Ecclesiastes.

My preliminary conclusion:
There is a time for everything in our lives, and our current time is one that requires hard work!

Found Objects: Red Couch

This sanguine sofa somehow made its way to the dumpster last summer. It was a weekend that Heather was in Connecticut for the weekend for some commitments. Since we had found a perfectly colored red shelf for our studio earlier in the month, I thought this could be another diamond. Time is of the essence in these moments. (Even if I have to throw on some clothes, I wanted to get down there and take a closer look!)I've become quite a collector of used treasures since Heather has opened my eyes to their character. Since arriving on campus, my eyes have been open for useful little objects or discarded objects that could prove perfect for the right couple. Well, I have a great view of the dumpster from our living room window. Since I need to take reading breaks by starring off into space (lest I slip into a coma while reading) I tend to scan this section of the parking lot carefully. The campus security has taken action against people leaving too many things here because that could bl…

Meatless March

With Spring right around the corner, Heather and I thought we would challenge ourselves to be more healthy. When she was younger Heather and her sister, Mandi, ate vegetarian for a whole year. They both enjoyed it and found it a wonderful experience. So in brainstorming ways we could challenge ourselves to be healthy we thought about going without animal meat for the month of March! Now that my birthday is past and we wont be eating out as much, we thought it a good time to focus on cooking new meals and seeing how we can eliminate animals from our diets. We don't eat meat too often anyway, so I agreed to this new lifestyle thinking it would be an easy switch. Since I work at Trader Joe's, I will be on the look out for all sorts of good food with this little leafy logo on it. I'm excited to see how it goes!