Found Objects: April Fools

If we haven't had a chance to talk in person about it yet, this Mini Cooper Post was an April Fools Joke. Throughout the month of April I tried to find a photo of the real Trader Joe's Mini Cooper, but to no avail. I promise, a Mini Cooper with a big ol'Trader Joe's logo does exist. There was a photo of that car when it was at the Topsfield Fair in my store when I began working there pinned to a board with other photos. At some point it was taken off the break room cork board and then somehow disappeared. With the disappearing picture disappeared my chances of adequately tying up the loose ends of my April Fools post.

That emblem was a real found object though. One late and rainy night after work I came across it in the parking lot. I was pretty excited about finding it because I was thinking of all the cool posts I could write about it. I even began to talk about this blog to a friend and all my ideas for topics I could write about. But the joke post won me over because of the date I found it.

If you google "Trader Joe's" and look through the Images, you can find the above picture that I found online. It is of the West Hartford, CT store. I thought this would give you a flavor of what Trader Joe's stores look like, though it isn't a carbon copy of own my store. For the record, you aren't supposed to take pictures inside the store. I found this picture online and didn't take the photo myself. Under photo credits you would not see my name. In other words, this is not my photo, I copied it from someone else online. Anyway, a big thanks goes out to the dirty rotten thief who took this photo (which wasn't me) and then posted it online so I could then take it from you. I'm sure you meant no harm. Without it, my April Fools joke would have gone without a proper closure.