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The Theory of Relativity

The Theory of Relativity states that systems in uniform motion will experience no deiviation in any physical laws. No law of physics will be violated. These types of physics problems usually fall in your first physics class where all laws of physics still are intuitive. A car hits a wall going 20 mph and then there is an accident. At no point do you expect otherwise.
But then something changes. You get into your second class in physics and everything you learned about 'the laws' change. Allow me to explain...
*In the theory of relativity one person on the moon ages less than the person on the earth. Another way to say it would be the person on the earth observes the person on the moon as moving slower than he is moving. If he could look at his watch on the moon he would notice it goes a little slower than his own. Time Dilation.
*You get your hot new car going up to...say 150,000 mph...and your friend takes a picture of you that was supposed to be life sized. Only when he looks a…