Bold Coffee: Yukon Blend

Week #1: Organic Yukon Blend
It’s hearty, rugged and well-rounded with deep and spicy flavor notes.

Gutsy, robust and ready to face the untamed northern reaches, this coffee has a tale as old as Starbucks itself. Created for the captain of a fishing fleet who wanted to keep his crew happy in chilly sub-arctic seas, this coffee will get you going in the most difficult of times. Even if that difficult time is motivating yourself to get out and walk the dog.

Let's hit the ground running! I enjoyed a chilly Friday night out at my favorite local Starbucks. My wife, her sister, and her cousin had a weekend planned together, but the rain kept them in our apartment. So I enjoyed getting out of the house to work on some school reading. This grizzly of a coffee and a Bioethics book kept me company on my trip. This brew was a great way to get this coffee marathon started. It had a great flavor that really did take the rainy chill off. It was enjoyable and didn't give me jitters- which some coffees tend to do (especially after a few refills).

Here, I'd better make up some random scale in order to rate these coffees...
3 out of 5 refills.


Good start to a fun (and bold!) series. I like that little picture of the bear. I'd give it 4 out of 5 refills just for that.
DDWarriner said…
You just wait-there are a few cool little logos coming up! Some even more ferocious than this little guy.

He would make a good nursery illustration though. In fact, all eight bold coffee illustrations around the nursery...I think I'm onto something here!
Interesting concept. Java baby.

Hmmm...Let's stick with the original plan, shall we? :)