Books of 2017

This has been an exciting year of reading. I have focused on some specific topics to prepare myself for a hair more schooling in 2018. I just can't help it, I love learning.

Books that stood out this year include anything by Francis Schaeffer. I have enjoyed his books, especially How Then Shall We Live. I even borrowed the video series that began his idea for the book of the same name. I got to experience the book, the history, the ideas twice. Schaeffer's books and ideas fit together well with Why You Think The Way You Do by Glenn Sunshine. In much the same discussion of history, except with more humor, Sunshine traces themes throughout history to help the reader think about the nuts and bolts of how we view the world.
Another favorite was The Theology of The Book of Revelation by Richard Bauckham. I literally began this book when my pastor began preaching from Revelation in the fall of 2014. This book is so dense, it took me two and a half years to finish! Well worth the effort, I'd say. Anyway, here is my yearly report on books I've finished in 2017. Any comments or questions? What about you, any 2017 favorites?

Books Read:
New City Catechism, Tim Keller and Sam Shammas
Heidelberg Catechism 450th Anniversary Edition
Westminster Confession of Faith (Q1-11)
Luther's Small Catechism, Martin Luther
Trashed or Treasured? Glenn Bryant Havumaki
A Biblical Theology of Prayer, Edmund Clowney
The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change, Carl Rogers
Alone Together, Lary Bloom
The Holy Spirit, Sinclair Ferguson (Chap 11)
A Puritan Theology, Joel R. Berle and Mark Jones (Chap 6)
Broken and Whole, Stephen A. Macchia
The Theology of The Book of Revelation, Richard Bauckham
Spiritual Care, Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The Emotionally Healthy Church, Pete Scazzero with Warren Bird
Epistle of Jude, H. A. Ironside
The Revelation of God, Peter Jensen
The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, Carl Trueman
The Merely Efficient Church: The Shortcomings of the Corporate Model, D. A. Carson
Practicing Affirmation, Sam Crabtree
The Rule of Saint Benedict, Saint Benedict, Edited by Timothy Fry (Read Twice)
Reflections on the Psalms, C. S. Lewis
The Image of God, Glenn Sunshine
Crafting A Rule of Life, Stephen Macchia
Act and Being, Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Rage, Rage Against The Dying of The Light, Carl Trueman
(From: Issues in History and Exegesis, Westminster Theological Seminary)
Can The Bible Be Completely Inspired By God And Yet Still Contain Errors?, G. K. Beale
(From: Issues in History and Exegesis, Westminster Theological Seminary)
The Cognitive Peripheral Vision Of Biblical Authors, G. K. Beale
(From: Issues in History and Exegesis, Westminster Theological Seminary)
Five Fold: Unlock Your Purpose By Activating Your Spiritual Gifts, Jonah Jeremiah
Manuscripts, Vol. XLVI, No. 2, Spring 1994: Scopes Trial Revisited, Samuel J. Mock
To Bless The Space Between Us, John O'Donohue (Chapter: To Retrieve The Lost Art of Blessing)
Baker's Dictionary of Practical Theology, Edited by Ralph Turnbill (Only read Section 5)
The 3 Colors of Ministry, Christian A. Schwarz
Monk Habits For Everyday People, Dennis Okholm
What Has Christianity Done For Us?, Jonathan Hill
The Plot To Kill Hitler, Patricia McCormick
Living Life Backward, David Gibson
Freedom Movement, Michael Reeves

Forgotten God, Francis Chan
Multiply, Francis Chan
True Spirituality, Francis Schaeffer
Victory Over the Darkness, Neil Anderson (Abridged)
Attitude 101, John Maxwell
Art and the Bible, Francis Schaeffer
Creating Community, Andy Stanley, Bill Willits
Real Marriage, Mark and Grace Driscoll
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, John Gottman, Nan Silver
Presence, Amy Cuddy
Good Grief, Granger Westberg
Prayer, Timothy Keller
How Then Shall We Live, Francis Schaefer
"Free Grace" Theology, 5 Ways It Diminishes The Gospel, Wayne Grudem
Radical, David Platt
Surprised by Suffering, R.C. Sproul
Why You Think The Way You Do, Glenn Sunshine
Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster
Clergy To Clergy HFA Program
The Case for the Psalms, N. T. Wright
House of Robots, James Patterson and Chris Gabenstein
Dragon Rider, Cornelia Funke
What Jesus Demands of the World, John Piper
Trusting God, Jerry Bridges
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, Neil deGrasse Tyson
The Meaning of Marriage, Timothy Keller with Kathy Keller
What Is Reformed Theology?, RC Sproul
Grace Disguised, Jerry Sittser
The God Who is There, Francis Schaeffer