Found Object - Beverage Opener

I have only a vague recollection as to where I found this bottle opener. My best guess is that I found it while leaving Trader Joe's one evening. They sell Shipyard beers there and I am guessing it was a promotional item to go along with the beers. I neither opened the opener nor kept it for very long. I only drink one or two alcoholic drinks in an average month. I have been enjoying a few hard ciders lately! I do enjoy trying all sorts of different beers and hard ciders and even this new thing called a "hard root beer." This past year, I have enjoyed experimenting with trying the fall beers they sell at Trader Joe's. It's helpful that you can buy only one from a pack instead of having to purchase an entire six pack. It makes it easier to just try one. I didn't really care for a lot that I tried. There was one from Magic Hat Brewery called Hex. That one was super! It was probably the best fall beer I have had. My wife doesn't usually care for them, but even she liked the fall aroma of that Octoberfest beer.