Something Went Wrong

I was driving down the road and noticed a truck in front of me. I looked at the image of Sherwin Williams on the back of the truck. For clarity, I have included that image at the top of this post. I laughed out loud to myself in my car after I looked at this illustration. Hopefully no other drivers noticed this oddly timed LOL.

I thought, "Sherwin Williams really doesn't understand how gravity works!"

I'm not looking to go deep into a full exposition of how gravity does work, but I'll give you a flavor. If gravity was accurate in this image, you may wonder how the can was being suspended in mid air! If you could resolve that issue, you would think about how the paint would fall to the surface of the earth and smother the poor earthlings below! I think that's how the dinosaurs went extinct. The paint would coat the outside of the earth. Sadly, it wouldn't drip off as in the logo. It would just continue to cover the land. That makes the slogan, "Cover The Earth" quite appropriate. It would literally swallow up the earth in paint. So, even though they horrifically misrepresent the law of gravitation, the have indeed crafted an illustration of their mission and goal to be the ones to cover the earth with paint, metaphorically, by being a prime retailer of paint sales.

But when you say it like that, it's hardly worth the LOL.

I just got a good laugh at this train of thought and needed to share it.