Found Objects: A New Starbucks Logo?

In a recent article entitled, A Look at the Future of Starbucks, Howard Shultz announced as of January 5, 2011 that the company would be changing their image as they move forward. Sure this happened over a year ago. But I'm still adjusting to the new life with a different logo.

The question rings in my mind: "You're changing your logo?" The conversation goes on in my head, "But I love your logo!" I've since adjusted to this new logo. But when it happened, I had to really think about all the emotions that swept about me as I thought about the change.

Anyone like change? Sometimes I do, I suppose. It wards off boredom. It keeps you moving. Float like a butterfly  sting like a bee. Often I don't. I read a book recently called, Who Moved My Cheese? It was a realistic (very short and very worthwhile) book that helped me remember that change just happens and those most fit for survival are the ones who adjust to change and even anticipate it.

I wonder how else I could anticipate change in my world? How could I prepare and even welcome it rather than resist it and become embittered by it?