Friday, December 21, 2012

Connecticut Remembers Newtown

I received this email earlier in the week:
Connecticut Remembers Newtown this Friday
On Friday December 21st at 9:30am Gov. Malloy has asked us to offer a moment of silence in memory of our Newtown, Connecticut neighbors who died tragically last week. We hope you will join us and all of Connecticut in this solemn observance.
A link to Gov. Malloy's official proclamation can be found here:
I think this was a very good reminder. The link takes you right to a pdf of the proclamation that describes the significance of remembering the events at Sandy Hook Elementary.

It's hard to think that this horrific shooting happened just a week ago. Even harder still to think I was blogging about "Change." As information about the shooting came trickling in via various sources of news, it's hardly the time for blogging. But little did I expect how life would change for those families. The impact of this trauma has left it's mark on me for sure. It is so sad to even wrap my mind around it at times. It's too close to home for us, too hard, too powerful an anger, too deep a sadness to even get words around. There is a hardly any answer to my "Why?" questions.

In our on moments of silence, may we remember to speak honestly, love deeply, and hug sincerely.

For some really great pastoral reflections, check out the sermon given by the pastor of our church.

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