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Nang tokx: Na'vi tuté

Heather and I waited to see Avatar until almost everyone else had seen it in the theaters - then we decided to go. But we loved it all the same. I'm sure Owen enjoyed the sounds through mommy's skin because the sound effects were so loud it startled us! H and I loved the storyline, the graphic brilliance, and the skillful and tastefully designed fight scenes. (Maybe I liked the fight scenes more than H did - did you see the bows and arrows?!)

However, before we saw the movie, I was privileged to read an article in Wired Magazine (my newest favorite reading obsession) about how the planet Pandora, the Na'vi people, and how the movie Avatar was created. It's really a fascinating story in Wired. (For an abridged version of the article, you can visit it here:

And between the article I read and the movie we watched we had the privilege of attending the baptism of our niece, Caroline. Traveling back to Carly and Jim's house to celebrate this occasion, I noticed this "Nang tokx" in the parking lot of the church. For those of you who don't speak Na'vi, that translated to a "Surprise Body" or as I would call it, a "Found Object." I snapped this photo of this "Na'vi tuté" (or Na'vi Female) quickly before I knew all the characters of the movie. Originally I thought this was Jake Sully or Tsu'tey, but the more I  look at it I think it really the female character, Neytiri.

This is just a small part of a really special day filled with so much other activity. Caroline was baptized with waters from the Jordan River. The minister of the church had a friend send back water from the Jordan as a gift. Needless to say this made Caroline's baptism all the more special. So, in summary, to Caroline we want to say...
Ftxozari aylrrtok ngaru! Seykxel si nitram!
Nga yawne lu oer.


Judi said…
This is a bit over my head, Dan. I'll read that article and get back to you:-) The Jordan River Baptism Water is really, really special!
Me Again said…
I really am so happy you guys enjoyed your adventures. I read the article and looked at several of the pics. I don't think it is up my alley:-) Probably, you agree. Actually, I'm still trying to recover from "Raiders of the Lost Arc". I can't believe we brought Heather with us to see that. Probably, that's why she loves this stuff now:-)
Heather B. Warriner said…
A couple thoughts:

1. I am pretty sure it was I who snapped that photo. I remember because I was really embarassed that all the other guests at Caroline's baptism were going to be wondering what on earth could be so interesting about the surface of a parking lot that it warranted a photo being taken of it.

2. I am curious what the last few lines of this post translate to. But, I am even more curious how you discovered a site that converts English to Na'vi. Of course, I suppose with Google, just about anything is possible.

3. I did like Avatar. And, Mom, I think there are parts that you'd appreciate to. Maybe not the whole thing, but parts.

4. I really like you, Dan. That has nothing to do with this post. But, I thought it, so I figured that qualified it to fit under my category of "a couple thoughts."

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