Found Objects: Tater Tots?

So, I'm sitting in class and it's a little after 6pm. Class begins and I pull open BibleWorks 7 so I can follow along with whatever we are talking about that day. Upon clicking on the BibleWorks link, this screen pops up. "Tater tots?" I think to myself "why do I see tater tots?" In a psychedelic blending of worlds and space and time - Not only am I sitting in the lecture hall at seminary, but I'm also 12 years old eating tater tots with my parents and siblings on some summer Wednesday night, there's a slight sound of Green Day in the air and thoughts of trading baseball cards and playing hockey. I love tater tots and always did as a kid. But what do tater tots and Bioethics have to do with each other? This was the very question I was faced with last semester when I pulled up this program (it sort of felt like an out of body experience on some illegal substance - yet completely legal).

Now mind you these is an easy explaination for all this. This screen slowly changes throughout the day. There is a coffee and an open bible in the morning hours, a night scene with glowing text at night and a regular day screen. But apparently between 6pm and 6:10pm this is the Splash Screen or intro screen that pops up to celebrate dinner. In one word: Hilarious. In two words: Tater Tots!


Judi said…
Fun story, Dan. Now I know why you like the Tater Tot Casserole:-) Childhood memories revisited!!
That is HILLARIOUS. The photo cracks me up, as does your explanation. Good stuff, Dan. Good stuff.