Found Object: Wild Turkeys!

Last fall, I had the privilege of encountering many turkeys on my way to class. I guess a lot of other folks had this same experience because Campus Safety emailed out a warning as to how to adjust to our poultry pals. Better to adjust your walkway than get into a fight with a turkey, was the logic.

For your viewing pleasure, I suggest you consider this scene: I'm walking to class and minding my own business. Probably trying to recall some Greek paradigm with a coffee in one hand, and a granola bar in the other. I'm making my way to class and walking up hill to the main academic building. Since Owen was born, I've been late to many classed so imagine also my stride is rather hurried. Then from out of nowhere I spy a turkey. He's either eyeing me suspiciously or totally oblivious of my existence. Either way I try not to make direct eye contact. He shakes his gizzard or his wattle at me - which I know not. He is menacingly staring as I continue to hurry past. Thankfully, I am safe another day. But I have heard tales of moms with baby strollers having to run past these protective turkeys.

Who knew of the wildlife you would find around your seminary! Quite fun.