Found Objects: Family Fall Festivities

I suppose there are three found objects to this post...

1) Family: Our boy Owen was born on July 4th. He is just so darned cute and we love him so much. Everyday is a learning experience in what it means to be a parent and what it means to attempt to love someone (Heather and Owen) unconditionally. I have yet to figure out how a baby could survive without sleep-yet somehow he does. I think yesterday he slept for like 23 minutes all day. But he is such a sweet boy and really well tempered. He has a great smile and loves playing. We think he will be standing quickly because his legs, neck, and back are so strong. Oh, he also loves to walk the halls between 3 and 6 in the morning.

2) Fall: I'm not talking about when Adam and Eve ate forbidden fruit. I'm talking about the season. I don't know when this happened, but, in my mind, the Fall became the camp ground for starting school and football practice. Since each of these experiences had their challenges and difficulties they somehow flavored Fall with a bitter taste. However, Heather's deep appreciation for the Fall has swayed me. That's what happens when someone you love loves something so cant help but be won over. Over the past 5 years we have known each other (for 3 of which we have been married) she has pointed out reasons to love the Fall. I have come to appreciate the Fall season and love it as much as Heather loves it. So, knowing how much we love this candy corn laden Fall season, is it any surprise that we would celebrate it with our new little baby boy?

3) Festivities: Owen (a.k.a. Our Little Acorn) loved his first Fall Festivity-a trip to the local Russell Orchard. The sites, smells, and sounds were all enjoyable for us and were all new for him! We got to walk around the farm and play with pumpkins, see farm animals like a miniature horse, a humongous pig, chickens with feathery feet, and lots of fluffy bunnies (a family favorite). I can remember trips with my mom and grandparents to the orchards in Glastonbury, CT that reminded me how much fun Fall is! Seeing the apples getting pressed to make cider, smelling the animal food (which isn't pleasant in and of itself but has good memories attached to it!), and apple fritters. All these things remind me more and more why the Fall is a season to be embraced and celebrated.

Three cheers for Family Fall Festivities!


Mandi said…
Dan, I laughed out loud when I read, "I think yesterday he slept for like 23 minutes all day." Too funny. I'm glad that Owie is even tempered and not cranky due to the fact that he hardly sleeps. He must get that from our side of the family. We are all night-owls. Prime right now. I really should be asleep. haha. Very fun post though! I enjoyed reading it very much!
Judi said…
Dan, you have a special way of bringing happy tears to my eyes. I know your new little family is experiencing sleepless nights, but, honestly your love for your precious Heather, who insists on your appreciation of autumn days, and your dear little acorn Owen is so evident, it truly makes me smile:-)
I do love Fall. But what I love even more is experiencing it with you and O.