Found Objects: A Competition to Guess the Starbucks Coffee I Want!

So two weeks ago, I posted a competition. Given my enjoyment of each of Starbucks eight bold coffees you-my loyal readers who I have been kept waiting more than two weeks for the results- were given the opportunity to guess which bold brew I would choose.

And the winner is: Alyssa Joy, Wethersfield who voted for Sumatra!
I will be rewarding her with a coffee themed prize.

Why Sumatra out of all the Bold Coffees? It was simply my favorite (alongside Komodo Dragon). Yet unlike Komodo Dragon, I had never had an entire bag of it before. I thought I would capitalize on this freebie and try Sumatra! Good guess, Alyssa!


Carly Corrigan said…
I Love sumatran reserve (it's one of the Green Mountain keurig pods)! Not sure if it's anything like your version... maybe I'll just have to try it!
DDWarriner said…
Carly, I'm not sure I ever tried that flavor of pod. But Starbucks Coffee is always good in the store. I would highly recommend stopping by and getting a bold coffee sometime. It's the perfect companion of a good book and an hour to sit and read in the store. Good times!