Found Objects: A Competition to Guess the Starbucks Coffee I Want!

I don't often get to do things like this on my blog...but I want to try it now for the first time.
We are going to have a contest! That's right- a contest!

You see, over eight weeks this spring I had opportunity to sample eight bold Starbucks coffees from around the world. Starbucks is going to reward me for taking this journey by giving me a free pound of coffee. Every week I received my coffee bean sticker for purchasing a coffee from the featured bold coffee of the week. Because I imbibed my fair share of bold coffees this Spring, and have the right amount of stickers, I qualify for the free java. So now I have a chance to choose from the eight bold coffees the one of which I would want an entire bag. But before I decide, I want you to take a guess!

Which coffee do you think I'm going to get? Since, I'm getting something free, the winner of this competition will get something free as well! The coffee I will choose is one of the eight I sampled, and there are eight blog posts to reread if you wanted to brush up on my impressions of each coffee. Leave a comment with your guess of which coffee you think I'm going to get, your name, and your location! Over the course of the next two weeks I'll keep my eye on the comments. Those who guess the right coffee will get some prize from me!

Which coffee do you think I'm going to get?


Alyssa Joy said…
I vote for Sumatra! I'm in Wethersfield. If you need more info that that I'll FB message you.
Mandi said…
OK, this is really hard because I have two guesses!! Bahh! Alright, I'm gonna go with the "Cafe Estima" because after reading all your posts, I feel like this coffee would be best for an every day cup. You said, "It was really yummy and a good way to start off the work day with a jolt of caffine. It was a good day." So I think it must not be too bold, but not just average either.
~Mandi, from CT!
Alyssa Joy said…
I agree with Mandi. I also was torn between two. Sumatra and the Dragon one. I don't know you that well but hopefully I still guessed close. :)
Susan said…
Ok Dan, I am going to vote for the Komodo Dragon Blend of bold coffees! Dragons ARE you!
Dave said…
My vote goes to...Cafe Estima. He Brews! Hahaha-very funny Dan.