Bold Coffee: (STARBUCKS) Red

A good coffee will change your day. A great one will change the world.

This incredible blend of East African coffees delicately balances a gentle acidity with complex floral notes and brown spice. But even more special than the striking flavors it displays is the impact it makes. For every cup of (STARBUCKS)RED coffee sold, Starbucks will contribute $0.05 to the Global Fund to help people living with HIV in Africa. The purchase of a 1lb bag will also provide a $1 donation. Start your day with one and you’ll be making a difference.

My least favorite flavor so far. I do wonder what a "Brown Spice" is. Whatever it is, it doesn't taste that good. After all there was no "Brown Spice" Girl as far as I know (and nothing surpasses my knowledge of the Spice Girls). Besides being the flavor I liked the least, I also had this brew on a bad day. I forgot my free pastry coupon for which I was denied the freebie. I also broke my umbrella while walking in the heavy rain to where my car was being worked on. When I got there, I paid for the new tires and found out I was in dire need of new brakes on my car. What a day! At least this coffee supports a good cause.

Stupid Brown Spice Girl.
1 out of 5 refills


Stupid indeed. At least you know what you like (and what you don't like).

Now that I understand your rating system (and actually had it right the first time), I appreciate how much you really disliked this. 1 refill? That must've been some pretty lousy coffee. And you should know. You've had some pretty lousy coffee in your day. Don't think I've forgotten the stories of MM Aerospace.