Bold Coffee: Komodo Dragon

Week #4: Komodo Dragon

Spicy, herbal and earthy, each sip evokes the lushness of Indonesia.

Like the remarkable Komodo Dragon, this coffee is bold and surprisingly snappy. Until recently, it was just as rare as the elusive and endangered animal. Initially sold exclusively online, it became so popular it was unleashed in stores as well. It’s an assertive combination of several Asia/Pacific coffees: part bright, biting acidity and part earthy, loamy smoothness.

When I worked as a Laboratory Technician at Metal Management Aerospace, I had a good friend whose girlfriend at the time worked at a Starbucks. Being familiar with my coffee obsession, they were nice enough to give me a free pound of this blend. I was very grateful to my friend, JL. Boy oh boy was it good!

This visit, I liked it even more! I had a huge Starbucks cookie, my dragon coffee, and a pastoral ministry book. Does it get any better than that? Beyond the great flavor of the coffee, dragons are fierce, medieval creatures. Those sorts of things have an appeal that I enjoy as well.

Look what some crazy person posted on the Starbucks site about this coffee:
"My favorite so far of all the Bold coffees!" Daniel from South Hamilton, MA

5 out of 5 refills


Hey! You're that "crazy person"! :) I think you're just crazy about your coffee, that's all. And, when you find something you like, that something deserves a little crazy admiration. Favorites aren't always easy to find. Of course, I found mine about five years ago. And, I'm not talking coffee.