Bold Coffee: Italian Roast

Week #2: Italian Roast

This sturdy dark roast is a sweet, bold cup of coffee.

Somewhere beyond the caramel notes of our Espresso Roast but short of the smokiness that identifies our French Roast – that is the sweet spot held by Italian Roast. What is created after the coffee cools is a sturdy and sweet blend, potent and intense. Sit back, relax and enjoy La Dolce Vita.

Remember how I said caffeine can give me the jitters sometimes? Well, depending on other factors, it can also make me itchy. After one, I was shaky and itchy. It had a great and potent flavor which I loved, but after one and a half I felt as if I was covered with creepy-crawlers. I was trying to avoid shaking my notebook right off the table while trying to learn a verbal stem for Hebrew. After my one and a half coffees, I had to call it a night and head home. How long do you think it took me to fall asleep that night?

Great flavor, enough caffeine to wake the dead.
1.5 out of 5 refills


Heather said…
Here I was thinking that the "refills" scale was your method of indicating how much or little you liked the coffee. For example...5 refills out of 5 meant it was the best coffee you've ever tasted. But, you literally meant that you drank one and a half cups of this coffee. It's all making more sense now. Guess I was a little slow on the uptake with this one. Keep up the good work with the coffee chronicles! :)
DDWarriner said…
Hey Wife!
Well, you are picking up on the duality I intended. I only had a cup and a half of the Italian Roast because of the intense caffine. My original purpose of the scale is to rate how much I liked the Bold Coffees. Here with the Italian, I liked it a lot but couldnt handle the heart-racing goodness and so I had to give it a low score...hence the double meaning of the one and a half.
Oh yeah, and this is a cute logo too. I mean, who doesn't love vespas?