Found Objects: Brazilian Sandal

Heather and I found a lost little sandal whilst combing the dunes of Salem Willows. This delightful little locale was recommended to us by my long time friend, Diane, who lived and worked in this area for some years. We found this lovely location to be quite enjoyable. It has been our destination for many sunny day expeditions (and maybe a few rainy day expeditions too!).

I stumbled upon this little sandal during a search for some treasures. I dont know exactly what enticed me. It could have been any number of things really-the potential of finding an aluminnum can to recycle, a glass bottle to break (which I like to call "recycling into future sea glass"), or finding something rustly that Heather will want to take a photo of. This sandal was far up in the rocks, so I figured it floated in on high tide and hit land when tide went down. However it landed, I decided this find was good enough to be a bloggable Found Object.

My tradition is well defined when I discover a Found Object. I usually take it home and let it sit around our studio space for months. After months pass, Heather wants to throw it away (and reasonably so). At that point I beg her to photograph it (in artsy style) and email me the files under the impression that I'll get rid of it. I don't intend it, but disposing of these items is probably the carrot on the stick that gets her to photograph all my objects. Lastly, I'll bring the item to a parking lot and set it free in a place where the next character can find and enjoy this little treasure.

Well, this sandal never made it home, but it did get photographed! I couldn't bring myself to touch it (you know, it was on someone else's foot...eww).

Well, we had fun that day at Salem Willows. We always have fun on our beach adventure days. I can just feel it, with the warm weather coming upon us there will be many adventures and Found Objects just waiting for us around the corner!


A couple things...

1. I think it's only appropriate that I read this post today, on the very day of our first springtime visit to the Willows. Jolly good timing, I'd say.

2. The description of how things get done around here (esp. the "carrot on the end of the stick" comment) made me laugh. Out loud even.

3. I feel semi-responsible for adding an OCD component to your personality (reference paragraph #4).

4. I really, really like that our rainy day Salem Willows adventure made its way into this post. That is a day not to be forgotten, for countless reasons. The top being the extremes that you'll go to for your ever-procrastinating wife. Amazing. That's what you are.