Books of 2009

Thielicke, Helmut, A Little Exercise for Young Theologians
Koester, Craig R., The Word of Life: A Theology of John’s Gospel
Metzger, Bruce M. and Bart D. Ehrman. The Text of the New Testament (4th Ed)
Ronald J. Sider, The Scandal of Evangelical Politics
John Jefferson Davis, Evangelical Ethics
Dennis P. Hollinger, Choosing The Good
Van Engen, Charles. Mission on the Way
Escobar, Samuel. New Global Missions: The Gospel from Everywhere to Everyone
Wilson, J. Christy. More to Be Desired than Gold
Wells, David F. Above All Earthly Pow'rs: Christ in a Postmodern World

This is beginning to be a tradition. I have begun to track the books read in each year. My hope is that by doing so I will challenge myself to stay consistent with my reading. There is such a connection between my reading and personal growth that by staying in a book I feel like I am enabling myself to grow.

Last year, my first year in tracking my book totals, I had 19. That exceeded my goal of one book per month. This year I topped out at only 10 books, I spent a majority of my time studying biblical Greek and Hebrew. Learning a language can be quite labor intensive. They take a lot of time to study and because they are taught by a work book, I need to revisit these things again and again. So I guess I came pretty close to my goal. This coming year I look forward to enjoying many books - even though I will grow tempted as the spring rolls along to throw down the books and venture outside for a game of catch with seminary friends.

Let's hear it for twelve books in 2010!