A Series of Found Objects: Copy Paper

I don't post enough. I have come to terms with it. I have grand plans to post quite often but them when I begin to flesh the ideas out in my mind I see those thoughts as relatively narrow or irrelevant. But recently I came across something that made me want to post again!

Heather and I were taking a walk around Staples moments before closing a few weeks back. We were asking for information about printers (shopping for technology is something that I truly enjoy). During our searches, I lifted up a scanner cover and found a paper with a copy of someones glasses on it (as pictured above).

When I was a young lad, I was notorious for making copies of my hands, face and anything else near the copier. I was so completely enthralled with the concept of a copy machine, I just couldn't get enough. [This could be the birth of my love of all things science related-but I'll leave that for further reflection.] It brought back some fond memories of playing around with copy machines and showing the masterpieces I had created to my mom. I was so proud of my work, I just had to show it off!

Finding this page brought a smile to my face and made me laugh. I could just picture some little one (or an older one) playing around in the store and having fun with the copiers.


I had never heard that photocopier story! I guess these recent blog posts are bringing out untold childhood tales for both of us.

Keep up the searching for found objects! I think you are onto something really great here!
Randall said…
I too am stuggling with "blogging enough"

keep 'em coming you have many more great things to say!