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Destination Sickness

Another problem with the quest to use all our gifts and fulfill all our promise, no matter what, is that it sets us up for the heartache known as Destination Sickness. There's nothing worse than arriving where you wanted to go, only to realize you don't want to be there. We've all experienced it at some level-having left something good for what we thought was much better; only to find the greener grass was painted concrete. But perhaps the saddest part of the journey to bogus greener grass is that it almost always leaves behind broken relationships. Co-workers, family members, friends, and those who depend on us are devastated to discover that our deepest loyalty is not to them, but to ourselves and our potential.
Larry Osborne, A Contrarian's Guide To Knowing God

This quote gave me much to think about. It is a very interesting was to augment my thoughts from a previous post. I have been surprised at how selfish I am. I think destination sickness is very much related to that God-Shaped vaccuum.


NatArt said…
Amazing Dan! This really means alot in my life to read this! Thank you