Thoughts of the Day

I read Our Daily Bread yesterday at work. It was about a man who reflected upon his life and he could see there was a time in his life when his walk with God could have been best described as 'side to side rather than face to face.'

Mose's relationship to God was often described as 'face to face.' I have even the translation better stated 'eye to eye.'

Heather and I have been reading the Experiencing God Day-By-Day Devotional [H & R Blackaby] we picked up free. [Thank you Scott and Erica.]

This devotional repeated the same message. Except it added the importance of loving one another. This has always been a challenge for me.
But it stated, more like reitterated what John often says in his Gospels and Epistles...Loving God also means loving one another.
Somehow loving people is an evidence we: love God and have matured in our faith.

How long had I avoided intimacy with people? In my CCSU days deeper relationships often resulted in hurting those I liked the most. The deeper the friendship was the more caustic I could have been with that person. The more judgemental, the more negative expectations, the more hurt I delivered.

Now that I'm married I often find I can be most critical of my wife.

But I press on hoping my fruit of loving God will be endurance to love people.


Heather said…
You love people more than you think. But, I agree that those devotional messages have been challenging, as well as encouraging.
Emily said…
You definitely show love for others, at least the people I've seen you around, a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Your being there to listen, giving your time and helping your friends grow shows a lot of love.

You just did it yesterday...Thanks! :-)